In 2012 over 9.000 shooting events took place in FRA's local associations.
In 2012 over 9.000 shooting events took place in FRA's local associations.
The Finnish Reservists’ Association (FRA) is the national organization for 326 local associations representing approximately 37.000 members. The majority (90 %) of the membership is made up of military reservists of all ranks. In many of the local associations also other Finnish citizens, male as well as female, can participate.

The main purpose of FRA is to contribute to the strengthening of the national defense will and maintaining reservists military skills and fitness for service. FRA is a member of The National Defence Training Association of Finland which trains and educates citizens to be prepared for and to survive dangerous situations in everyday life and under exceptional conditions.

FRA co-operates with The Finnish Reserve Officers' Federationand The Association of National Defense Guilds. FRA was founded in 1955 and until 1995 it was called The Association of Finnish Reserve NCOs.

  • Members: 37.000
  • Member organizations: 326 local and provincial member organizations
  • Regional organization: 18 provincial districts
  • Founded: April 17th, 1955 in Helsinki
  • Organ: Reserviläinen (“The Reservist”) Also subscribed to by the Finnish Reserve Officers' Federation, the paper's circulation is 64.000.
  • Vice presidents: Rauno Hauta-aho, Kokkola (1st), Terhi Hakola, Tampere (2nd) and Ismo Nöjd, Järvenpää (3th)
  • International relations: President Ilpo Pohjola
  • Central Office:
Döbelninkatu 2, 00260 Helsinki, Finland

Managing director Olli Nyberg
tel. +358 9 4056 2041